I was planning on naming my blog: E=MC squared.

With apologies to Einstein, that would translate to Epiphanies equal Mindfulness and Cognition squared.

But I didn’t name my blog E=MC squared.  I didn’t name it anything. I didn’t do a lot of things that I coulduv, shoulduv, woulduv.

Mostly, it’s just as well. And sometimes it’s a good thing. And sometimes it was too bad.

Where was I? Well, my husband made a supremely funny joke today that I really want to share with someone:

We were walking to a store in a mall that we had never been in. En route to our destination, I noticed a familiar store and I said, “Look. A Dollar Tree.”

My dear, sweet husband responded, “That’s forbidden.”
I guess I had a “Huh?” expression on my face because he elaborated.

“It’s in the Ten Commandments.”

I started chuckling because I thought he meant Adultery. But then it came to me that he meant Idolatry. Then, I really had a good laugh.

Another nifty/cool/good family joke is one my son made up. I had explained to him that the people who come here to Florida in the winter to escape the cold weather are called Snow Birds. And the people who come and go to Florida are called Snow Flakes.  Then he said, “So are the people who don’t get to Florida at all during the winter called Frosted Flakes?”

I guess we all have family jokes. Why don’t you send me one or two of your favorites? I think sharing jokes on the various social media is one of their best uses. What’s better than connecting with friends and making them giggle too?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Pessa Kayla

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